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  • Jasmine Haynes

Triumph Comes With A Price

I have learned that there's a price to be paid whit it comes to living the life you're destined to be. My dream life has come with tears, with fear, with insecurity, and with disappointment. This life that I have been fighting for since I was a child has come with sexual abuse, broken promises, abandonment, and rejection; however, I am still here. I have questioned God a million and three times why he didn't let me die in my sleep. He always replies with this response, "I have need of you." That actually irked me until I realized that this life that I am destined to live will not come without a fight.

My fight has been one of many sleepless nights full of salty tears and snot streaming down my face. I have fought many silent battles in the stillness of the night and I have lost plenty of battles in daylight when my guard was down. Each battle that I have engaged in for my mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, God has been with me. These battles were not fought without him.

Looking back over my life, knowing that God was with me even when I thought I was abandoned has opened my eyes to the fact that my victory is actually God, the Father's, victory! You cannot give up or give in to adversity, but let it strengthen you.

To be victorious, one will have to fight for their dominance and/or authority in a specific area and their security in their identity.

Triumph has a price. You must be willing to pay for it. Fortunately, we as believers have Christ. Triumph has the reward of faith being instilled in you where nothing will ever cause you to doubt what God can do in and through you. This victory that has been given to us through the grace of Jesus Christ allows us to defeat the systems of this world that aim to oppress and suppress our freedom of loving, living, and forgiving others. Nonetheless, we know that this victory cannot be won if we give in.

We have to put ourselves in the company of others who have a fight within themselves to not let go of God's unchanging hand. This freedom comes with a price and a struggle, but to suffer with Christ means that you will be rewarded with Christ.

What do you need victory over today?

Do you need or want prayer concerning that thing?

Let's pray.

"Father God, in the name of Jesus, train our hands to war and our fingers to battle. You have overcome the world so that we may triumph over our enemies. Our hearts and minds are filled with ideas, plans, and a strong will to be resilient no matter what, but Lord, there are plenty of times where we feel tired. Strengthen us where we feel weak and embolden us when we feel scared. Help us Lord to release anything that acts as an anchor to us outside of your word. We are ready to be victorious in all aspects of our lives! In Jesus' name, AMEN."

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