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Never Knew What I Needed Until I Needed It

I know you are thinking, "What does that mean?" It means that I have received what I

needed when I recognized that I didn't know exactly what I needed. It sounds really complicated, but it is very simple. I am saying that when I recognized that every thing that I have been pursuing was not in alignment with what heaven has planned for me to receive then I was able to tell God, "I need you!" I never knew that I needed God's mercy in the way that I did until I found myself feeling empty, living empty, and pursuing empty accomplishments.

God's love has always been my "go-to". I have leaned on God's love all of my life to get me through my life's struggles. I have held on tightly to God's love yet it was only my crutch to get me through the trial at the moment and I did not think about it any other time except in my pain. I did not know that I needed transformation for my mind. I did not know that I needed His wisdom to walk out of my failures in order to walk into my God-given purpose. I did not know that I needed God's wisdom until I found myself walking cycles over and over again.

There are attributes of God that we never knew that we needed God to reveal himself as because we have only learned about Him in one manner. Our heavenly Father is so complex and expansive that he has everything that we need even when do not know that we needed it. Open your heart to the mercy and wisdom of God so that he can lead you into a deep, intimate, and transforming relationship with Him. You open up your heart by knowing that you need God to help you! That's the key to getting what you need from the Father.

Be honest. Be transparent. Be receptive.

Love always,

Jasmine Lynise

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