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Welcome to Jasmine Lynise Ministries!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Your Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Breakthrough Starts Here! What do I mean? This is the community for you to begin to partner with our Creator to be delivered from every thought, behavior, or relationship that wants to keep you stuck!

Community Brings Healing!

One thing I have found being in ministry and coaching women is that we all think and feel like we are alone. It may not be the absolute truth, yet our lack of consistent connection with like-minded and heart centered people then we feel isolated. Our desire at Jasmine Lynise Ministries is to build a community where transparency, wisdom, love, healthy boundaries, honesty, and effective communication are the foundation of every event, blog post, coaching session, or social media post. We are here to be the arms, feet, and hands of Christ to reach all of our sisters who are ready to live from their place of divinity!

I'm your Sister, You're my Sister, & We are all Sisters.

In community, we need to understand that we are all in different places and levels of understanding, but we are loved, accepted, and important to God all the same. He doesn't love any of His daughters more or less than any other one. This is a sisterhood. I wipe your tears, you wipe mine. We are in this together because we no longer have to suffer in silence. You have a heart that is ready to walk with you in faith!

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