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Jasmine Lynise is a fun-loving, vivacious, witty, faith driven, compassionate solutionist. Jasmine has taken her life’s experience over the past 30 years to spread a message of hope, love, and resilience. Jasmine Lynise learned how to be a beacon of faith and light to others from an early age as a result of being a victim of sexual abuse between the ages of 5-7. She was saved and baptized at the age of 7 years old which allowed her to learn how to sing, pray, and write her way through her darkest moments. However, by the time she reached 16, Jasmine was raped and led into sex trafficking through a friend of her family. 

Dealing with the weight of sexual abuse and assault, depression and anxiety were at all-time high. Jasmine’s fight with mental health issues without the proper support led her to attempt suicide 3xs from the ages 18-21. For many years, Jasmine struggled to find what made her unique and valuable until she met God all over again in 2012 at 21 years old. Jasmine’s life had begun to shift from darkness into light when she rededicated her life back to Christ one night after hearing his voice in a dream. 

Jasmine knew from that moment on that she was called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, help women find their identity and voice, advocate for those who have been survivors of sexual assault/abuse or sex trafficking, and a prophet (mouth piece of God) to the nations. Many trials like a toxic marriage then divorce (at 24 years old) coupled with her biological father being sentenced to life in prison pushed Jasmine to step out of her familiar comfort zone to begin her ministry as an Evangelist, Relationship Coach, and a published author. 

After all that she has gone through in a short stint of time, Jasmine authored the book, It’s Time to Move: Moving Beyond Your Tears which is a self-help book of 8 steps that she used to overcome fear, worry, and disappointment. Jasmine is the founder of a few non-profit organizations as well as the CEO of a growing coaching business, Moving You Beyond You Coaching. Jasmine is happily married with one bonus-son, and ministers the Gospel through spoken word or song whenever the Spirit of God leads.




Jasmine Lynise, “Your Favorite Millennial Relationship Surgeon” aka “Jazz the Relationship Surgeon” began coaching or giving wise counsel from her early childhood years. She has always been a listening ear to peers (younger and older alike) as well as giving wisdom to those who were in positions of influence and power through being an assistant to those who are CEOs, Founders of nonprofit organizations, faith-based ministries, or churches. Jasmine Lynise’s coaching methods include direct and straightforward communication laced in love, challenging questions, and prayer coupled with biblical principles.


Coach Jasmine focuses on working with women who have similar experiences like her such as overcoming or dealing with:

  • Rejection

  • Abandonment/Neglect

  • Abuse (physical, mental, sexual, or spiritual)

  • Divorced and/or toxic relationships

  • Mental challenges (depression, anxiety, suicide ideation/attempts)


Jasmine Lynise is passionate about teaching women how to build healthy relationships between God, self, and others. She teaches her clients and mentees how to:

  • Forgive those who have hurt them

  • Practical steps to building their faith, understanding of the Word of God, and how to maintain and grow intimacy with God

  • Uncover their identity in Christ and how to use her gifts and talents to operate in her divine purpose

  • Use her voice to speak up and out against injustice, inequality, or for herself

  • How to learn how to become more self-aware  


The greatest joy that Jasmine Lynise gets from working with clients is when she sees the growth in little spurts. She understands that healing is a process and that we will never stop healing. Jasmine treats every potential client, client, or woman that she meets as her sister-in-Christ. Coach Jasmine loves helping the daughters of God advance the Kingdom of God through wisdom, knowledge, and faith.