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Welcome to Jasmine Lynise Ministries! There comes a time that we all need a community of sisters to walk us through our tough times and challenging moments. You have found your community here at Jasmine Lynise Ministries!


Your breakthrough starts here!


“Healing is a process that you don’t have to rush. Sis, just lean into it!”


Join the Network!

We all need community, so why not join ours? Are you a woman who is looking to ignite the change that needs to take place within her community and society at large? Are you READY to change your mindset to walk boldly in purpose? Are you a woman who is ready to influence the minds and hearts of women and young girls around the world? Are you a sister-in-Christ who desires to heal from her past, but need the tools and support?  Or are you healed from your past and are WILLING to walk with another woman through hers? 

If you answered “yes” then this growing network is for you! Click the “Learn More” tab to learn all the benefits and membership types!

One-on-one Coaching

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“The moment I started refusing to accept where I was is not the end of me, I got up on my feet and saw the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“It’s Time to Move: Moving Beyond Your Tears is a self-help book for women who are desperate to accomplish goals, chase dreams, and save the world but there’s something standing in their way: themselves. In a simplistic, down-to-earth step-by-step guide, Jasmine Lynise walks the woman who is ready to change her perspective and life through 8 steps that help her to: 


  • Identify and commit to changing all unresolved traumatic experiences that have created a disconnect between you and God.

  • Gain the skills to self-examine and reflect while growing deeper in God. 

  • Envision and create the life that you want by accepting that you are born for a purpose! 

By the end of It’s Time to Move: Moving Beyond Your Tears you will be motivated to confront any difficulty, know that you are more than capable to succeed, and have an unwavering belief that God has need of you!


"Healing is like an onion. There are layers upon layers that need to be peeled. That is what I was born to do help women peel those layers.”

A counselor, a mentor, a coach, a friend, and even a sister is what Jasmine has been to me. There have been a countless number of times that Jasmine has been a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on (even when we were unable to talk in person), a sounding board for advice, and a friend when needed. Moreover, any time I come to her with any sort of issue or question she will ask deeper questions to really get to the root of the issue or to better understand the state of mind that I am in at that time.

| Rhina Reese |